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Do you ever feel 

  • your need for approval prevents you from showing the world your true self ?

  • you’re worrying all the time about school and work, negatively impacting your performance?

  • being ‘not good enough’ makes deep relationships with others impossible ?

  • ungrounded and like life’s moving you like a leaf in the wind ?

  • overwhelmed by stress and unsatisfied with your current life’s situation ?

I know I have…

I’m Christophe. At the age of 16, I had my first panic attack. I really thought I was going to die, no joke. Soon came the fear of having another panic attack, which developed in being afraid all.the.time.

I developed a chronic anxiety disorder (CAD) linked to chronic hyperventilation.

It felt like there was a giant tiger on my back, all the time.

Sounds familiar? Probably like you and so many others,  I went down the traditional road: doctors saying ‘You’re fine, don’t worry about it!’, going to a relaxation therapist and so on.

What I was truly missing was an approach to beating my anxiety that is:

    • Holistic (mind, body and spirit)
    • Hands-on with simple techniques
    • Customized to person’s needs

Nearly a decade later, after thousands of hours of self-study (education, books, podcasts) and own practice I can proudly say that I’m in full control of my life and have gotten stronger because of it.

Let me help you achieve the same, click the button for a FREE first coaching call!

I am ready to take back control in life!

Why work together 


Truly PASSIONATE in helping YOU overcome what I have, I am at your full service with my full attention.

Truly EXPERIENCED in a lot of what YOU are going through, I have a deep understanding of how long-lasting solutions can be found.

Truly RESULTS-ORIENTED, YOUR weekly progress will be checked, analyzed and discussed.

How I work

‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ (CBT). Wow, what a mouthful! This type of therapy dives deep in the links between your thoughts – emotions – behavior. As a certified practitioner, I help you gain insights to break the negative circle.
Body Practices
‘The body is the unconscious mind’, so the use of body practices is a ‘no-brainer’ in the coaching package. We actively discuss and implement breathing techniques, bio-energetic exercises and more.
Life’s Path
We all want to live a meaningful life, but what is our purpose and what really makes us tick? In your coaching call this is a big focus point as well and we dive in deep to explore your passion and ideal future.

Client Testimonials

Luiz Paulo






Are you ready to: 

  • Take life back in your own hands?

  • Have more energy during the day?

  • Be more confident & care-free?

  • Taste true FREEDOM again?

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