Hello there! Let me share something with you… The current state of our society regarding mental health isn’t optimal. There’s still a big taboo surrounding anxiety, depression and much more.

This is because of:

  • Our difficulty of sharing the largely present struggles in our lives

  • Social Media creating a false ‘happy’ image of our social circle

  • Magnifies the effect: life’s negative aspects get shared even less

Out of my own struggle with mental health, I decided that it’s about time to BREAK that taboo. Using social media to my advantage this time, I created the BEmindfool movement to induce more understanding towards mental health and offer solutions on dealing with it.

What can you expect from the BEmindfool articles?

  • Real and personal stories, made to inspire

  • Mind tricks and hacks to upgrade your life

  • Physical exercises to control the mental state

Latest YouTube video:

Playful advice on the Challenges of Life!

This blog is to inspire fully and promote growth in life & love.

Follow my journey trying to master life and it's challenges .

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