Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Gabriel Rios moved to Belgium at the age of 17. There he explored the world of painting at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent. But he soon discovered that his passion for creativity was not limited to the canvas.

With his most recent album, “Flore”, he has ventured into reinventing old Latin classics. Gabriel Rios brings songs that are deeply rooted in his own artistic soul.

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(00:00) Intro

(02:50) About Gabriel’s childhood

(05:42) Gabriel talks about his challenges with mental health

(09:35) The musical creation process: therapy and more?

(12:51) Managing the loud ‘inner voice’ and even using it to your advantage

(15:21) Using and inhabiting emotions to alchemize them

(17:20) Self-conscious versus complete presence (flow)

(20:00) About the different phases in life: The Hero’s Journey

(25:27) Sharing the magic: the metaphor of the ice in the cave

(27:40) The question of free will: ‘Are you living or being lived?’

(31:40) The possible challenge of detachment and increasing awaraness

(34:24) About feelings of isolation & loneliness

(35:50) About HSP and introversion

(40:30) The power of a simple human interaction

(44:13) About expectations and managing your energy

(52:05) I like ‘being wrong’: Knowing is the enemy of learning

(57:10) The seasons of life

(01:02:00) ‘What’s your greatest fear?’

(01:05:20) Relationship to yourself and others

(01:10:50) The more personal, the more universal

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