Born in Brussels, Belgium, Cedric has always been involved in action, adventure sports and aviation as a licensed helicopter pilot.

Cedric is a pioneer in base-jumping and wingsuit flying and is RedBull athlete since 2000.

“This is all about freedom, commitment and pushing your limits, it takes me to amazing places, teaches me respect for the environment and others, motivates me to improve, and keeps me humble on those high gravity days.”

Cedric has a master in High Performance Psychology, he has always been fascinated by the power of the mind, neuroscience and states of flow in order to reach peak performance and optimal consciousness.

In extreme environments where one is expected to deliver and assess risks, hyper-awareness has been the foundation to his consistent performance and survival, it’s flow or die!

“Being courageous and confronting your fears allows you to take chances, use uncertainty, pursue your dreams, and get what you want out of life. Taking educated risks will not only create results, self-confidence or even self-esteem, but most importantly, it will create a deep satisfaction and fulfilment. You don’t want to pay the bill of regrets!”

Beside flying, Cedric is a best-selling author of the book DARE TO JUMP, host of the podcast MIND SET WIN and renowned international speaker.

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(00:00) Intro:

(01:12) The power of gratitude and walking

(03:15) The comfort crisis

(05:03) Slowing down first, to go faster

(08:26) About Cedric’s teenage years in golf competition

(10:24) Self efficacy increases self-confidence

(13:41) The dark side of high-performance: the ‘Hedonic threadmill’

(16:12) Have a vision about who you want to be, and stay true to that!

(19:03) Solving the addiction to achievement: complete engagement in the Process, Now

(23:20) The danger of having a ‘performance-based identity’, and the solution

(27:58) Cedric’s dream of flying: pioneering in skydive and wingsuit

(36:40) Leave your ego at the door, it will kill you at one point

(39:43) How to be more selective: Life is either a ‘Hell yes’ or a ‘Hell no’ !

(43:08) Learning to accept rejection is the ultimate freedom

(44:50) Learn to say ‘No.’

(48:02) Plan your obligations around your life, not the opposite

(50:28) Stepping into courage, is everything…

(53:10) Accepting fear as a functional emotion

(56:58) Resilience is trainable, belief systems are malleable

(58:50) Your excuses are just defense mechanisms against failure and ‘pain’

(01:03:46) ‘Of all the accolades, what are you most proud of?’

(01:05:30) What advice would you give to your 18-year old self?

(01:09:17) The Silver lining: There’s a middle way, a balancing act in life

(01:12:12) The ‘secret trick’ to high-performance

(01:14:05) The gap of ‘what we know’ vs. ‘what we do’

(01:17:21) Going ‘All In’ in life

(01:17:50) ‘Do you believe in luck?’ You create your own luck

(01:19:00) The brain is wired to focus on the negative: survival mechanism

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