-Talking spirituality, while still in touch with reality-

-Being fun and playful, with the needed gravity-


I’m Christophe, the creator and author of BEmindfool.com. Proud Belgian, serial dreamer, wanna-be entrepeneur, and professional bullshitter.

What the hell is this?

BEmindfool is a movement that promotes being less serious about spirituality and self-development, while STILL using the basic principles, as they are of great value. I’ve found out for myself the power in some techniques and SHARE them with you.

BEmindfool is about being human: learning from our mistakes after we’ve f#cked up badly and GROWING from them.

Being perfectly imperfect.

Taking control of our lives while maintaining our sanity.

How It All Started

When I was around 16 years old I hit a fucking big wall. I woke up in the middle of the night, swimming in sweat and an overall feeling of extreme panic seeped in my body. Heart pounding in my throat, I thought I was going to die. I had hit a wall. A wall of anxiety, panic attacks, uncertainty and unhappiness…

Although I was acting tough and a loud-mouth growing up, I was insecure and scared of people’s opinions. Years of bottling up these emotions and trying to please everyone, something had to give. And something did give… I was desperate, seeking and searching EVERYWHERE, there must have been ‘something’ that I could find? I wasn’t able to find what was ‘wrong’ with me. 

I slowly realized that I forgot to look in the ONE place that made the most sense: inside of myself. I started building myself up again. Years of reading, practicing meditation, deliberately getting out of my comfort zone get me to where I’m at today.

We don’t have to have perfect yoga stances and eat clean, vegan kale salads and smoothies. It’s nice of you, Suzy. But it’s not the standard and not an expectation.

What to expect? 

Funny, whilst serious, advice from and for forever searching individuals. Spirituality and self-development, without all the boring seriousness around it.

The goal is to inspire fully, let you perspire uncomfortably, and offer value as much as possible.