GoPro movies are so awesome! I wish I was…

We all know them: from “GoPro”, those movies on Youtube, where people have a small camera glued on their face and film all the cool stuff they do. Jumping big airs with skis, skydiving naked between 2 candy mountains and swimming between sharks in meat swimming pants. You name it, it’s been done. I know, crazy isn’t it?

In this article:

-Learn to seperate unrealistic from real
-Make your everyday life more awesome
-Use a cool technique for more presence

The GoPro Madness In My Life

There’s a moment I remember, about 7 years ago, when the “GoPro Madness” was coming up. Seeing these movies, I thought: “I got to have that camera, then I’ll do these awesome things as well.” I put up the order online, almost stealing my dad’s Mastercard. I was that obsessed. My dreams at night suddenly had amazing scenarios where I was flying in the air with skateboard, snowboard, ANY kind of board.

After waiting, anticipating it’s arrival for weeks on end, the package came in. All the way from the Americas, it stood there on the table. It felt like Christmas. From that day I used it a lot, but was never really content with the content. I filmed some mediocre wake- and snowboarding with it. I really thought I was going to have the kind of shots, moves and views like the official movies. But, it wasn’t all that spectacular, so I was kind of disappointed.

I soon realized that I already had to be a great athlete and total badass to get these results, … Meh

I DID capture some amazing shots with my GoPro throughout the years, and would love to share a few with you:






Publicity vs reality

The thing about these crazy, almost unrealistic images on the official GoPro-movies is that we all watch it without judgement of ourselves and the person in the POV (Point Of View). We are admiring the show in our chair and we are so in the moment, screaming: “Whoaa, that’s epic!”, just as if we were there. Adrenaline rushes through our blood and we are inspired, motivated! Let’s do this, LIVE LIFE! Yeaahh. JUST DO IT! Whohoaaa. We become more present in the moment watching it.

But then you close your computer screen and you wallow off to work or school. There is a split between your own experience and the experience that you think you should have, doing triple saltos on a mountainbike. You’re dull again to everyday existence and coming back home, you look for new kinds of stimuli. Maybe you watch some more of these little movies, turn on the TV or your naughty little fingers look for some naughty stuff in the internet.

It’s true, everyday normal life is not that spectacular all the time. But what if can act like it is. It doesn’t all have to be crazy and full of action like you see in the movies. Everyday life gets a next level: in how we PERCEIVE it, how we FEEL it, how we LIVE it.

Make a shift in Point Of View

What about going downstairs and opening the door, like you’re wearing a POV camera, and YOU’RE WATCHING THE SHOW. Just like you are opening your computer and you are watching through your eyes, as if it was a movie! Enjoy it, live it.

When I had this idea, I thought it was really interesting. Thinking more and longer about it, it looked like a better idea. I tried this way of looking at the world, and there was an almost instant shift. I was less in my head and more in my body, more awake. The present moment lingered through my body and I could almost fingerlickingly enjoy the smallest things that were happening on the street. If we pay real close fucking attention to everyday life, there’s so much to be seen and felt that we normally would be blind to. Mostly because we are so busy with our own little problems and thoughts.

Leaves got blown in my face by the heavy winds that day, saying “Whoaah, that’s epic!“. A runner passed by and made eye contact and nodded. I experienced life so much more vividly than usual. In day-to-day life, I’m thinking about this and that. Worry tends to come up and stress plays a huge role. The following is something to observe:

“How much do you let your present life quality be influenced by stupid thoughts and energy in your head?”

Well, there’s good news. You can change that almost instantly, but it takes some practice. Try to follow your own life, out of the Point Of View of your own eyes. With FULL FOCUS, just like you would watch a good movie, one of those amazing GoPro-movies.


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