• People quit a lot and fast

On a lazy sunday morning I opened my newspaper with freshly baked bacon and eggs on the side, the real man’s breakfast. One article really caught my attention that morning:

“More and more people quit their hobby after just one year”

It said that more people ever stopped their hobbies and sports after just one year of trying, hereby loosing a shit ton of money and time. Hometrainers being unused, gym subscriptions that are wasted etc. You clearly feel the general vibe of the article was negative.

I do agree though that some people are crybabies and just don’t want their ego to be crushed, therefore quitting too soon while they still suck. They are not taking into account the learning curve that every hobby/skill has.

  • Own experiences

On the other hand I do understand that a big reason too is that we just sometimes don’t enjoy the thing. I’ve definitely experienced a few hobbies that weren’t meeting my expectations and I didn’t want to pursue after a year (because I SUCKED): I’ve practiced Judo when I was a little kid, tried windsurfing and sailing on camps, kickboxed for a year during my second year of college. Last year tried hip-hop dancing where I really sucked, like really really bad. This year I’m trying new things that will maybe turn out like shit, or awesome. I’ll only know by doing them.

No regrets at all, because it’s by trial and error that you get to know more about yourself and what you want to fill your precious precious time with.

Playing guitar from my young teens hasn’t been easy at all! A lot of times I thought about quitting, but now my level is pretty good and I love playing it. Same thing for a hobby like kite surfing, where I sucked in for years and years. Learning curves differ depending on the activity. It’s gonna be ups and downs, but keep.going if you love it. You’re going to be happy in the long run.


  • Words of encouragement

No matter how bad your project is, keep at it and PERSIST!

Fuck writer’s block when you’re writing a blog post, a book or a damn encyclopedia for that matter. No inspiration for your next drawing… all that stuff, stop crying about it keep going keep typing and eventually the flow will happen.

KEEP ON KEEPING ON, we’re too focussed on the quality of our content. We’re too afraid of what people will think of it, just keep fucking going and stop judging and blocking yourself.

Paralysis by analysis: endless analyzing will get you nowhere! You will not have the content, product, success, … if you keep analyzing. And if you don’t have content/finished projects you will not succeed.

f ex the guy that wanted to start a blog, but because he doesn’t have ‘good enough ideas’ or ‘his writing is shit’ he has exactly 1 post and it’s his damn ‘about me’…


Don’t be afraid to FUCK UP, by all means DO. It’s your right and your absolute right. You’re already 1000 steps further if you try. Further than most people judging you that don’t do SHIT and calling you out. So that’s it, do your thing and kick ass.

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