What can this person do for me?

What will I say so that people respond well to me?

How can I make sure I come across well with my friends?

These are questions coming out of a mentality of worrying about other people, how you come across etc; This way of thinking sucks ass and it’s all about me, me and me. It’s a fear-based mentality because you want other people to react to you, and react to you the way you want.

Are you actually listening, or just playing in your head what you will say next and waiting for your turn? Are you actually seeing the person for who they are or are you projecting your own bullshit on them?

Instead try focussing on how YOU act towards other people. How do YOU make the people around you feel? Just for the sake of giving presence, love, advice and not expecting anything in return.¬†When you do this you also feel good yourself, so it’s a big WIN-WIN y’all.

What you give to the world / people, you will receive it tenfolds, so this is super powerful if you implement it well and for the right reasons…

So little exercise for today: In everything you do and every person you talk to, give your fullest attention, presence and love. Feel the energy of the person and your own, listen carefully to the words and the spaces in between them. Make the other feel good, just for the sake of making the world a fucking epic place.

Get over yourself and start seeing what awesomeness is in front of you.

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