#7 – Tiago Buhr: Business and entrepreneurship as the ultimate spritual practice [EN]

This following episode is a very special one. This is where I talk to Tiago Buhr, my business coach and mentor from Florianopolis, Brasil.

By age 17, Tiago had founded his first company with the use of Twitter, growing from zero to 700,000 followers in two years. At the age of 19, he sold it and began traveling the world. After five and a half months of backpacking, he moved back to his home country Brazil and after a few business attempts, got clear on his values and started a coaching practice.

This is a great, deep talk about money, spirituality, deep inner work, success and failing lots of times.


(00:00) Introduction

(02:20) How I met Tiago as my mentor

(05:40)The power of commitment, and the role of money in that

(08:30) Romanticized image of entrepreneurship

(09:30) Game vs luck for success (Veritasium video on Youtube)

(12:10) Need for support systems as an entrepreneur

(14:00) Tiago’s mastermind group

(20:38) The meaning of coaching

(23:13) What people really want vs what they say they want

(26:20) About limiting money beliefs and how to overcome them

(36:25) The start of Tiago’s entrepreneurial journey

(43:39) ‘Are you willing to put in 10 years, before seeing any results?’

(45:04) The concept of time in our generation

(48:34) The art of surrender (Course by Michael Singer)

(50:45) How our preferences in life create our suffering

(53:00) Difference between pain and suffering (Tiago’s immersion with Sadghuru)

(57:46) Entrepreneurship as the ultimate spiritual practice

(01:02:51) The practice of forgiveness meditation (Ho’oponopono)

(01:07:35) Why are we so hard on ourselves?

(01:12:29) Importance of deep inner work

(01:15:35) 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat

(01:19:20) What’s next for Tiago

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