Personal note on ‘letting go’

It’s not past experiences of your life, the heroic actions. Not the achievements nor the failures. These create an illusion of ‘you’, just a shadow of the bright fucking light that you really are.

Now shine bright and burn all that dead wood. Let go of past and inhabit the present moment. Like a warm, wooden cabin amidst a wet and cold forest night.

This is it. All there is and all there ever will be.

And you DESERVE to shine, not worrying about blinding others. Let them deal with that. They will put on their sunglasses and stay by your side or walk away in envy. In time eventually, even the darkest corners of our earth will be relieved of their shadows.

As shadow/darkness is only that: an absence of light. It’s characterized by its non-existence.

You, young man, know the truth and are attracted by it. Like a bee, smelling that sweet flower’s nectar in the warm spring air.

But you are conflicted by greed, lust and selfish endeavours. Like a compass’ red needle failing to point to its true North, as it is exposed to and confused by the magnetic fields of uncertainty and confusion.

The Truth always wins, as the ebb and flow cycle of the ocean. Sometimes taking its retreat and becoming absent, but eventually returning back again in all of its glory.

It’s the process.

It’s the journey.

It’s all there is, and will be.

It is… life.

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