1. If you absolutely hate that one suave, popular dude in your school, it’s a reflection of what’s going on inside.

2.  If you interpret loosing a shitload of money because of a stupid investing mistake as disastrous and the end of your life, that’s on you.

3.  If you can’t seem to fully love a person, then it’s a reflection of what’s going on inside, look at yourself.


I agree, man. These things are all not that awesome. BUT we can shift our view on them, to give it the meaning it actually has and use it to learn from.

(it’s not always that black and white like below)


let’s take a look at the above examples:

  1. if you hate an awesome dude, that could mean that you’re too uncomfortable with yourself and seeing someone else doing well hurts. Change your view –> I hate this guy and that’s my problem, I can learn from that and fix my own problems. Learn from it and act.
  2. You can change your view on it: “Wow, I’m pretty stuck up in money and what does it mean really, maybe I should try something different.” Learn from it and act.
  3. Take a look at yourself and realize that you’re not loving yourself enough yet. Learn from this and act.

Things are not always as they seem

(I know, this sounds classic woo-woo new age hippy shit, but hold on)




Without a doubt, every person sees our world in a different way. This is influenced by our upbringing, education, the things we choose to read and watch on a daily basis, our good ol’ habits etc. (…) This makes that everyone walks around with another set of glasses on life. Some of them better than the other.

Ask yourself:

-Are you watching fear-based news papers and news on a daily or do you choose epic and feel-good books (audio)?

-Do you mindlessly scroll down Instagram and Facebook for nice pictures of people that you barely even know, or do you MAKE SHIT HAPPEN yourself and create real things?

-Are you sitting at home like a couch potato, or are you actively going for a run or to the gym?


All these questions contribute to the color of the glasses on your face. Don’t worry if they’re shit-coloured right now, we can change it as we shift from the one to the other in above examples.

We can CHOOSE how we see the world. We can CHOOSE how we feel. Through conscious decision-making.

The easy party is also the hardest part: you have to CHOOSE and make the decision. People that are unhappy, are mostly too happy being unhappy. They don’t want to change it, because it takes too much effort and pain to really change their lives. Their shit-glasses are now glued on their faces.

As the great philosopher Joe Rogan said once:

We live in unique and one of the rarest times , where you can choose almost all the input that comes your way. Whether is the foods you eat, the books we read and the audiobooks we listen to…


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