The Unexpected Wisdom in Getting Piss Drunk

Disclaimer: This article doesn't promote alcoholism in any way or form. Please read it with a grain of salt and enjoy the ideas and thoughts. Everyday life = build-up of tension In our day-to-day lives, [...]

Epic Kanye Wisdom

    Who is Kanye West? Some say he's a dumb a$$hole. Some say his ego is bigger than the Eiffel Tower. (N*ggas in Paris anyone?) Some say he's an ignorant crybaby. There's a thing called freedom of [...]

Public Speaking: My Toastmasters Speech #3

DO IT. DO THE THING Public speaking is the number one fear for most people. It was for me as well. I joined Toastmasters in Ghent, Belgium because I wanted to do something about [...]

Perfection In Life: Stop Waiting For It

  WAITING FOR PERFECTION Way too often we wait until everything is perfect: We wait until it is the perfect moment. Until we have the perfect skillset. In the perfect place. And with perfect connections. Way too often [...]

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