Fuck your ” WHAT IF ? “

WHAT IF ? Two words, so often said today, most of the time unconsciously. You could see it as a protective mechanism, keeping you from doing crazy, stupid things like basejumping naked without a parachute. Or drinking [...]

Why You Should Have A Morning Ritual

"The way you start your day is the way your whole day is going to be" Tell me... Are you a morning person?" The answer to my question is a full-mouthed NO in most cases. [...]

The Power In Being Powerless

Fake façades In our society we all like to hold up an awesome façade, seeming like we're the shit with our perfect little Instagram meals and Facebook party pics. We all like our little egos in [...]


Every now and then, I like to do what some people call "dangerous", "totally irresponsible" and "childishly stupid". Every now and then, I like to climb rooftops. The higher the better. I know it can be dangerous [...]

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