Fake façades

In our society we all like to hold up an awesome façade, seeming like we’re the shit with our perfect little Instagram meals and Facebook party pics.

We all like our little egos in place and hope nothing or no one shatters it, causing it to expose our nasty thruths and petty selves.

The obvious consequence for this mindset is that the need to go through life with these fake masks glued to our faces gives us an epic amount of anxiety and worrying.

That people will find out you still wear pyjamas.

That you’ll look stupid writing a book and failing.

Being called a pussy for expressing your feelings.

That you don’t have swag in the gym.

man the fuck up


The fact that hiding our flaws and therefore our true selves might feel and look like the best idea in the short run, in the long run it destroys the ability to really connect with people and build awesome, trusting relationships.

What’s so scary about vulnerability?

  • You’ll have to take off your mask

For you to be open, we need to take off the mask that’s on our face most of the time. It’s so hard because for so long you’ve told yourself to protect yourself from danger and putting yourself out there is dangerous. Not literally, but dangerous for your ego: all that you think you are, what you’ve been through (childhood etc.) and what you’re portraying is poored into an image called the ego. For you to open up and leave that image, you feel like you’re loosing the ego i.e. yourself.

  •  You can get hurt

For you to be vulnerable, you need to trust the people around you, but it can be hard to do that. You can try your whole life finding the angels around you, for them to really appear like the true devils they are. You get hurt and you close up again, saying that you’ll never give so much away from yourself.

Let’s face it: there will always be bitches and assholes. It’s how you deal with them and how much entrance you give them in your life that matters. You can draw a line in the beginning, or give up when it’s too late.

  •  It’s uncomfortable

For you to be completely trusting, you must put yourself out there. That can be really uncomfortable and scary. You don’t know how they will react and think, but that’s not important. Just share what you feel and that in and of it’s self is already a victory.

Share your thoughts, feelings and eventually know that everything will be alright in the end. Because they will.

Why is it so awesome to be vulnerable?

First of all, you feel like you’re really being yourself, the true you is out there and you’re not afraid to show it. You’ll also love yourself more because of it.

You’ll be able to connect better and deeper with people, as the conversations flow from superficial and flat to real, deep and personal.

So, literally you’ll get stronger showing weakness and just letting go of that shield of protection.


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