The World Is Yours:
(Video by Daan Verstrepen)

Daan and I climbed rooftops again, last week. There was an awesome sunset and we had the idea to have a little pizza dinner there, how cool is that!

It has an amazing vibe to it: if the colours don’t soothe your soul enough, the message will:

While the world sometimes looks too big and not understandable from below, on “ground zero”, once elevated on a rooftop for example, it can look way more logical. From a new perspective we can see the BIGGER PICTURE and realize that our stupid problems don’t matter that much.

You have the world in your hands, litterally. Do your thing, that thing you love. That thing that speaks to you in the loudest way possible that you just can’t ignore it anymore. That would be stupid.

If you have the chance, climb some rooftops.


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