Way too often we wait until everything is perfect:

We wait until it is the perfect moment.

Until we have the perfect skillset.

In the perfect place.

And with perfect connections.


Way too often we wait to undertake something, to get out there, to show our talents, to open our mouth and say something when our throat is itching of anticipation. Until everything is just perfect. I’m sorry, let me break it to ya: there’s no such thing as perfect. The word is subjective: there will always be something just not right in the back of your mind. Or someone that doesn’t think your shit is completely on point.

FUCK! I know right. So lower your standards and stop being so damn hard on yourself, punching holes in the wall when you just didn’t perfectly do Souljah Boy’s ‘Superman’ on the dancefloor last night. Or when you stepped in dog shit this morning.

In reality life is messy, life is muddy, it’s imperfect. It’s EPIC.

An example for me was starting a blog. It was in my mind for some time, but didn’t really follow through. I thought I couldn’t write good enough, people weren’t going to like it and yada yada yada. Butt fuck it! I started it and it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Same thing with playing guitar and singing, I used to be shy and closed about it. But people seem to have really liked in the past, so I’m thinking of uploading vids and playing more for friends and family

Once we see life truly we can let go of our craziest anticipations. Starting small let’s us make a big difference in the long run.

In the beginning of 2016, I decided to run the Madrid marathon with a friend. I’d always waited and dreamed of running this 42 KM bad boy, but never took action. Finally, full of anticipation, we signed ourselves up and that was it.

It was official. I dreamt of bossing through this race on a perfect, sunny day, looking perfect and suave. People cheering for me everywhere and finishing the race Baywatch style in 3 hours and 30 min. I started my first few runs in my training, and reality hit back hard! My stamina wasn’t that good and after a tiring 15 K, let alone 42 K…

A new image had been introduced in my mind: a little boy screaming  “Ooh gaaawd, ooh gaawd”, crawling on hands and knees, drooling all over the streets of Madrid. Something completely different than the Hollywood scenario. But I keep up training, and I’ve adjusted my goals now to just finishing the race. A good running time is nice, but not all to brag about! Because no one is perfect.


Overthinking, overstrategizing, over-everything!

A lot of magic and talent gets lost in the world this way. I’m just saying that whatever you have to offer and you know you have, DO THAT. Bring it on, for everyone to see. That in and of it’s self is more important than what people will think of it. Like mentioned before, there is no such thing as perfect or perfection. There will never be “the right moment, the right place”. Look closely at this last sentence: if there is never a right time, why would you wait in the first place? If there’s never a right time, isn’t NOW the best then?

Do it.

Do it.

I’m begging you. Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever skill that you want to be better in, whatever you want to bring to the world. Don’t only think about the results, take a small step and go from there. BRING IT ON.


Imagine Kanye West not believing in himself and just keeping all his dope a$$ beats and raps for himself. Or if Steve Jobs kept his visions and ideas in his little sketchbook on his desk, not for the world to see. No Apple Macbooks dominating your classrooms or business meeting.

This would be just plain selfish. In my opinion, whatever it is that you’re doing: if even one person likes it, gets inspired from it to do something him/herself, that’s a success already. It’s all about showing others what’s possible, inspiring them and letting them grow as well. Because at the end of the day, we are all one and the same. Perfectly imperfect.

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