I was scrolling down my soundcloud feed last night, while i should be studying for finals in June. I found this gem, listened carefully and breathed deeply.

A mellow, relaxed feel falls over me and I look at the pile of self-help books lying on my desk. Great authors and great books, but the last couple of months I’ve been lost in reading  them for the sake of reading, not really implementing them.  Being mindFOOL and not mindfull.

Scavenging youtube for new videos where I can find and discover new nuggets of wisdom, waiting for that gold piece to better my life in an instant. The same goes for  reading all these other blogs.

*snap*              everything’s better now


I understand this is like spiritual consumerism, and it’s not working.

it COULD be a huge waste of time, BUT if you use these things wisely while being present, self-help can be life-changing. The problem with a lot of people (and I’m def. one of them) is not always taking action. You just keep reading, and you keep watching videos etc. and you don’t really implement the lessons and information. SYSTEM OVERLOAD

It’s creating a split within yourself, or as Alan W. Watts said:

‘This corresponds to the split between “I” and “me,” man and nature, and to the confusion of Ouroboros, the mixed-up snake, who does not know that his tail belongs with his head.’

The ‘I’ wants to better the self through ‘self-help’, and you’ve split yourself up again.

Well, then how do I use self-help really? First, accept yourself with all your flaws and problems, then you can go from there ‘bettering’ yourself.

but it’s hard. I know

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