Public speaking is the number one fear for most people. It was for me as well. I joined Toastmasters in Ghent, Belgium because I wanted to do something about it.

I recently did public speaking 2 more times after my Ice breaker (first speech) and one got videotaped again. This speech was about having a clear goal: to inform, persuade,… I chose to inform here, and as you’ll see it’s not really inspirational, like my first speech. It’s about global dimming, a counterpart of global warming. Super nerdy, I know, but

Difficult topic for sure! It wasn’t the best speech but enjoyed giving it. After the speech I had 4 different people that evaluated me and that’s really good te learn and grow as a speaker.

I did miss some passion as it was not really a topic that I absolutely loved or was enthusiastic about. Also body posture etc could have been better.



It was during this time as well I overrushed a lot, I had planned to do a speech every meeting. This put a little bit too much pressure on myself, and had to slow things down. I learned an important lesson here. To really make a progress as a speaker you must take your time to digest information and criticism. Only then you can gradually build up to a better skill set. Take action but don’t burn yourself out too much. This is true for so many things in our lives.

Overall it was a nice speech but it did miss some passion.

Hope y’all enjoy, and remember: keep facing your fears.

Below, there’s a video of the speech in particular. Hope there’s a lot of value here for you as a reader, but for a speaker as well!



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