Two words, so often said today, most of the time unconsciously. You could see it as a protective mechanism, keeping you from doing crazy, stupid things like basejumping naked without a parachute. Or drinking your own pee.

But I try to avoid saying and hearing these words as much as possible. I see them as a limiting factor for our growth. In my opinion, the two most important ways of the words that-can-not-be-said are:

  • “What if I had done that thing, when I had the chance to. Now I’m older and it’s a chance gone”
  • “What if I do this thing now, what will happen? Will I fail, will people laugh?”

Two possible ways to see our “What if?”.

What if

In the past

-The first one is when an opportunity was there open and clear, for you to grasp and do, but you didn’t. After this happened, the only thing you can do is let go or wonder, worry about it which most people do.

What it is here, is something that you look at from the past and cannot let go. It’s a crutch, something that holds you back and not letting you be completely happy. This is REGRET in one word.

In the future

-The second way is when you have an idea of what you want to do, or there has been an awesome opportunity but you fail to execute this. Afraid of what will happen, what people will think. So you don’t do it.

Fear is what hold you back. In the end you let the chance pass and don’t do it.


Get out there

Everyone experiences fear, I still feel it regularly. This will never change. It’s how you deal with these feelings and situations. Will you push through and let yourself learn and grow, or will you not do the thing and fail anyway.

When I was younger, I catched myself saying the words way more often. This reflected my inner state: scared, insecure and not sure of what I wanted to do. What ‘I’ wanted to do.

Monitor yourself and how often these words come up, and go from there.

The true failure is not even trying. For the rest you can always learn and grow from ‘failure’ and suckiness.



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