• What is the real force behind our actions?

I ask myself sometimes: “Why do people do what they do?” Why are some people addicts and stay that way, while other people are super successful in their lives? Why are some people just plain grey blobs in life, doing 9 to 5 jobs and after that slam their faces with pizza and diet coke watching TV , while others are fully loaded with motivation, energy and drive to get shit done?

Why, why, why?

More important than asking ourselves these previous questions, is of course not directed to the people around us. It’s definitely directed to OURSELVES, it’s too easy to just shit on other people for their boring lives. We should only take responsibility for our own actions, accomplishments and lives in general. You can’t control other people anyway, so drop the idea of changing them in any way

[Take a sheet of paper]
  • DIY: write down your week 

So you could ask yourself right now: “Why do I do what I do on a day-to-day basis?” Write down your lifestyle from Monday to Sunday: maybe you get up super early for work from Monday to Friday, then in the weekends you get shitfaced with your friends to forget about the lousy work week you had. Or the exact same opposite. Then look at each day specifically: do you get exercise and sleep, what are you eating, what are your working ways etc.?

Then look objectively at the general week you wrote down for yourself. Maybe you eat like shit, maybe you overtrain, watch too much TV etc. What is causing these daily actions and almost automatic behaviour?


  • Almost every single aspect of your day-to-day life is based on HABITS.

All the things that are part of everyday life, are based on habits. You almost don’t think about why you’re doing them.

So what exactly are habits? Habits are part of your subconscious mind, causing automatic perceptions and behaviour in your life. Everything almost goes by it’s self.

The bad news is: it’s hard to unlearn habits. So a lot of people stay stuck in their automated, boring life with their wrong habits.

The good news is: if you actively create good habits: your life can get upgraded to new heights! Really forcing yourself to go to the gym 4 x a week, having a good working scheme, reading a book a week etc. is really hard in the beginning but gets easier and easier over time.

The overall ‘rule’ is that after 30 days of acting on a habit every day, it should be embedded in your subconscious and then it’s supposed to be ‘normal’ for you.

Think about this: what bad habits do you want to unlearn and which ones do you want to have? Replace the shitty ones with the good habits and do it for a long period of time (min. 30 days) everyday. You can’t skip a day or it’s not going to be embedded that hard in your subconscious!

Also small chunk it! Start with three habits for a month and then take on more.

What I think works great is a whiteboard with all the days on them and the habits in the other column like this: special-jan-15-week

Good luck peeps!

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