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Do you often feel

  • you need to make great sacrifices to get to success?

  • feelings of guilt and shame for not working (hard) enough?

  • deep down, you’re not always deserving of your success and milestones?

  • you do long and busy tasks instead of focused, impactful work?

  • often overwhelmed by stress and enjoying time off is difficult?

  • despite being accepted by your peers, you feel you have so much untapped potential?

I know how that feels

Yes, I am an expert in helping others break out of their mental limitations about life and business, because for so long I couldn’t break out of my own.

As often, my gift comes from my pain.

A decade ago, at age 16, I woke up to the first of many panic attacks. Soon after that, it got downhill, overthinking every single detail in my life. I eventually felt paralyzed and developed a generalized anxiety disorder.

Having hidden these negative emotions and experiences for so long, I had to break free of this mental prison. Regular medicine couldn’t help me do this in a holistic way, so I chose to go on my own path of self-discovery.

I dove deep in self-education, and I got to work.

This started 10 years ago, and is an ongoing process to this day. Among many subjects, I study Eastern philosophy, the art of meditation and breathwork, neuroscience and flow. 

Also following trainings on NLP and CBT coaching. All of this to ‘hack’ mindset, happiness and productivity. 

I believe challenging one’s own thinking and stepping into the unknown are the biggest catalysts for change. In life and in business.

Let’s talk

How I work

High Performance Coaching
Paradoxically, high-performance and getting to the ‘next level’ requires more present-awareness and slowing down. This instead of more grinding and pushing hard, which only took you this far.
Yes, long-term high-performance is all about balance. It takes slowing down, to speed up your life and business.
Personalized Challenge

Knowing the power of mindset in everything that shows up in our reality, I believe in forging a growth-minded mindset. This also comes through great mental and physical challenges.

During my programs, I have set off to walk 100 km non-stop or do ice baths together with clients. Forging a deep and personal relationship, while creating great impact.

‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ (CBT). This type of therapy dives deep in the links between your thoughts – emotions – behavior and how this interconnectedness brings the results you experience in your life.
As a certified practitioner, I help you gain insights to break the negative cycle and remove limiting beliefs around money, relationships and own self-worth.

Tailor-made to your needs and goals, I aim to create impactful change and… growth

You are the agenda. Transformation is the end result.

If you’re ready to get truly challenged and facilitate growth, you’re at the right place.

Are you ready to: 

  • Grab your current challenges and develop a growth mindset ?

  • Increase your energy-levels, mentally & physically?

  • Step into your leadership, without hesitation and holding back?

  • Regain true freedom in your business and life again?

  • Increase great impact on people and profit?

Sounds good?

Tell me more

Listen to some of my thoughts:

Playful advice on the Challenges of Life!

This blog is to inspire fully and promote growth in life & love.

Follow my journey trying to master life and it's challenges .

be awesome

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