About me

My name is Christophe Vandeputte and I like to call myself a mindset engineer, because basically I’ve been studying and optimizing growth my whole life.

Ever since I was young, I was fascinated by the living world and the growth that is a part of that: 

Butterflies freely flew around the city garden, after coming out of the cocoon. A seed, slowly but surely, sprouted into a small growing flower. A little toy microscope revealed to me this tiny living kingdom of ants.

It was like magic to me. And it still is.

That effortless growth always drew me in and brought great joy. I followed this fascination into university, where I studied Biological Engineering. Studying and optimizing growth was the sole focus.

And to this day, growth is what drives me on all levels in life: I invest a significant amount of money, time and energy into it.

This is how I constantly bring myself to the next level:

  • Getting coached and educating myself

  • Physical challenges

  • Expanding my consciousness (e.g. floating and microdosing)

But, things weren’t always like this…

The ‘real’ bio

Yes, I am an expert in helping others break out of their mental limitations about life and business, because for so long I couldn’t break out of my own.

      As often, my gift comes from my pain.

A decade ago, at age 16, I woke up to the first of many panic attacks. Soon after that, it got downhill, overthinking every single detail in my life. I eventually felt paralyzed and developed a generalized anxiety disorder.

Having hidden these negative emotions and experiences for so long, I had to break free of this mental prison. Regular medicine couldn’t help me do this in a holistic way, so I chose to go on my own path of self-discovery.

I dove deep in self-education, and I got to work.

This started 10 years ago, and is an ongoing process to this day. Among many subjects, I study Eastern philosophy, the art of meditation and breathwork, neuroscience and flow. 

All of this to ‘hack’ mindset, happiness and productivity. 

I believe challenging one’s own thinking and stepping into the unknown are the biggest catalysts for change. In life and in business.

My mission is to help 1000 conscious entrepreneurs and leaders deepen their impact on people, planet and profit by co-engineering a life in love and service. 

If this sounds interesting, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit

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