Silvia Wiesner is a senior Executive and born leader, having a lot experience in managerial roles like, among many others, her 17 years at Unilever in Marketing and Sales across multiple European countries. Now she is Managing Director of the company. She has acquired a lot of expertise in (positive) leadership and shares this with the world during speeches and international conventions.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:38) Where does Silvia get her drive & what’s her why/purpose ?

(04:00) The importance of the word ‘NO’. For yourself and your team

(08:09) Own the narrative: how to bring ‘bad’ or negative news to someone or a team

(10:26) About asking and receiving help from others

(12:56) ‘Who, not how?’

(16:40) 2 powerful networking tools

(18:43) About giving more than taking in relationships

(22:17) Silvia’s top 3 belief systems that got her to a succesful career

(27:12) How to make a role with great international responsibility manageable

(32:57) Leading in the uncertain times we’re in

(38:00) About Imposter Syndrome and how to manage it

(44:46) Hierarchy versus ‘lowerarchy’

(47:05) How to win the war on talent as a business

(48:21) Creating clarity by looking back: drive document and David Goggins’ Cookie Jar

(51:12) About being a succesful, impactful public speaker

(57:15) On morning routines

(01:06:20) Using positive leadership in these uncertain times

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